ADONAI College of Theology
ADONAI College of Theology

Making disciples for Christ, who will repair the breach.

Today's Bread Is Not For Tomorrow  

Matthew 6:11"Give us this day our daily bread"


Our school curriculum is focused on imparting not only information, but experience in activation so you can be transformed and living to the fullness of what Christ paid for us. We want to help you see yourself, as God the Father sees you – as a royal son or daughter of the King of Kings.

You have a purpose and a destiny to change the world for the better by advancing His Kingdom with love. We want to train you to be more in love with Jesus and living out that love in a supernatural lifestyle everyday and in every area of your life.


We want to equip you with an increased ability to hear and be led by Holy Spirit and join Him in what He is doing to release Heaven on earth.



Bible Study – Dr. Karen Gore' and other guest teachers will teach and expound revelation on both the Old and New Testaments


Advanced Ministry Training- We offer varying advanced trainings to help students expand their knowledge and gifting in a focused area. These may differ each year as the Spirit leads. Past topics for ACOT: Leadership, End Time Prophecies, Money by Design, The Holy Spirit and the gifts.




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ADONAI College of Theology

Satellite Extension of North Carolina College of Theology


New Haven Campus
30 Hazel Terrace

Suite 26

Woodbridge, CT  06525


Waterbury Campus

50 Waterbury Road, RT 69.

Suite 2A

Prospect , CT 06712


Dr. Karen M. Gore'

Satellite President

Phone: 203-553-9911


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